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Path to Unity

Based on the positive vote of our three congregations to "blend" into one congregation, we have begun the process of making this blending a reality. We expect to give you ongoing timely information about our progress. Check here often to be kept up-to-date.

At its May 3 meeting, the Joint Council appointed a Unity Team to guide the process of uniting our churches. The members of the team are: Nancy Kostas, Mary Mann, Michael Horwath, Gina Brockway, Linda Toltesi, Kevin Remaly, David Kolman, Joe Bleier, and Kenda Riley.  These people were installed at the 10:30 worship on May 15.

Summaries of the Unity Team meetings are linked below.


We invite you to volunteer to help on any of the subcommittees

Asset Disposition

contact Kenda Riley

This subcommittee's main focus is, but not limited to, the sale portion of the properties and recommendations for disposition of the contents as we proceed. This subcommittee would not be tasked with a new location search as another committee is in place for this already. The subcommittee would be limited to an equal representation from each community of faith, along with an open mind and heart with the sensitivity of their task for what is best as we strive to become one congregation of faith.

Mission Statement

Contact Kevin Remaly  (

Responsibilities include reviewing current mission statements of all 3 congregations and forming a new, combined, and all-inclusive mission statement as we begin to celebrate the path of becoming Blessed Trinity. The mission statement will include part of who we are, what we do, what our purpose, and more! What an exciting opportunity for members to come together and create a statement of what defines us! No experience necessary, just thoughts and words.

Asset\Non-Fixed Inventory

Contact Nancy Kostas

Responsibilities include categorizing assets by making a list for sections of the church (such as offices\maintenance\music\kitchen\etc.) This will not be counting each spoon, pens, paper, and hymnal. For some assets an approximate amount will be sufficient (silverware, office supplies) while for others a more exact count will be needed (communion service, music scores). This is a great time for someone who wants to know exactly what it physically takes to make a church!



(liaison = Linda Toltesi)

(contact Kathy Remaly =

  - If you love gathering with friends, wanting to get to know each other, planning or helping with new or current activities, then this is the sub-committee for you! As part of becoming Blessed Trinity, we understand that there are many people from each community of faith that we wish we knew, but don’t know how to start the conversation. Thanks to Kathy Remaly from St John’s Windish. She is willing to offer their group who will plan many exciting activities. The Fellowship sub-committee will create new or plan existing events at each of our communities of faith. The goal is to plan a monthly event at the church where we are worshipping that month. If you think church is “boring” and want to have fun, then please contact Kathy. She would love to hear from you!



This is an invitation to all members who would like to be part of logo design for Blessed Trinity. If you have a creative mind, a passion for artwork, or just ideas, please contact Kevin Remaly either by email at or cell at 484.515.6666. We are not only looking for members to help design, but also members to help in decision making process. We are also extending an invitation to any member who would just like to present their design for consideration. All designs must be original and not copyrighted.


contact Kenda Riley

Responsibilities include reviewing current historical items of each church, updating items to the best of their ability.  The subcommittee will also prioritize a list of items to keep, items to store, items to share, etc. What a great way for someone to find out the rich history of all 3 churches!

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