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About Blessed Trinity
at Rosemont


Our Mission Statement

We are a family growing in faith, dedicated to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, where all are welcomed in love to worship, learn, witness, and serve.

Contact Blessed Trinity

Blessed Trinity Lutheran Church At Rosemont

1705 West Broad St.

Bethlehem, PA 18018


Pastor: The Rev. Jack Steltzer

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Core Values of Our Community

  1. To be a community in which all people are valued, respected, treated with kindness, and where diversity of thoughts is welcome.

  2. To develop a faith that is meaningful in our daily lives.

  3. To continue to develop traditions that support and enhance our faith.

  4. To share, with thankful hearts, our abundant resources with the world around us.

  5. To provide diverse educational opportunities for greater understanding of Christ’s love by teaching God’s Word to people of all ages.    

  6. To help people live lives of peace, joy, fulfillment, and purpose by introducing them, at all age, to the wisdom and love of Jesus Christ.

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