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All Are Welcome

Every person is valued and welcomed – the ground at the base of the cross is level, and we welcome you here.  In one of our favorite hymns we sing "All are welcome in this place."   We embrace this and live it in Blessed Trinity. 

What To Wear?

Come as you are.  Some people like to dress up and others wear jeans.  Please wear what you are comfortable in.    

Tips For Visiting

Arrive about 10 minutes beforehand – you’ll have time to park and find a seat before worship begins.  There is music beforehand to provide a time for prayer and reflection.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are worship celebrations like at Blessed Trinity?

Our worship celebrations are traditional in nature, yet very dynamic and spirit filled.  Characterized by strong music ministry and biblical preaching, our celebrations are designed to give praise to our God, lift your spirits, deepen your faith, and give you support and encouragement to help strengthen your faith during the course of your week. 


Do I need to do anything special to worship at Blessed Trinity?

Definitely not. Everyone is welcome to worship here whether you’ve been attending church your whole life, or whether this is your first time visiting a congregation. Should you have questions about membership, we’re glad to answer them. But that’s on your timing.



Children are always welcome in worship! 

Do I need to be Lutheran to attend services or to join the church?

Again, definitely not. Blessed Trinity is a Christian congregation in the Lutheran tradition, and we have sisters and brothers in Christ from a variety of church (and non-church) backgrounds. Over time, you’ll likely learn a bit more about why we’re grateful for our Lutheran tradition and heritage, but as you’ll see that’s because it helps us understand and live our faith in our daily lives.


Is there someone I can call to ask some other questions?

Sure. If you have questions about Blessed Trinity in general or about joining our church, you can contact the church office 


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