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God's Work Our Hands Water Well Project

During Lent, the churches of the UPG and St. John’s Windish sponsored the collection of funds to provide a simple water well through the ELCA Good Gifts program. This information is taken from their catalog: "Lack of access to safe water is one of the biggest challenges to overcoming poverty. It's also one of the most powerful opportunities to create change. With a simple water well, spring box or other water point, as many as 500 families gain access to clean, safe water.” 

Communities are healthier. People spend less money on medical expenses and more on food and education. Instead of spending hours each day gathering water for the family, women and children have time for work and school. Talk about a future filled with hope!"

Envelopes and receptacles are available on each campus. Please make checks payable to either Light of Christ, St. Peter’s or St. John’s Windish with "Water Well" on the memo line. Thank you for your generosity and for giving hope to many families in need of safe, clean water.

Pastor Jerry’s suggestion is to continue to collect contributions for one month after our churches are opened up again. To date, we’ve collectively provided for three simple water wells ($2500 each), and Pastor Garbe was able to supply pictures of installation sites.


To jump start our project, there was a donation of $1500 from an LoC family that encouraged members to match those funds. Our three congregations accomplished that and then some.


We have paid for three wells similar to these in East Africa.

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